The home automation software market is rich with quality products. Each of them have their own strengths. Some products specializes in security, while some specializes on energy-efficiency. Yet, you should always aim for the best home automation software.

Home Automation Software

Keep in mind that will be your smart home’s backbone. So with that, you must evaluate certain factors in order to select the home automation software that would best meet your needs. Listed below are some key considerations you must assess:

Your Home Automation Software Must Be Versatile

There is one thing that you should first consider in choosing home automation software. That is versatility. Home automation devices comes from a lot of sources. Many brands are equally good. People don’t just stick to one brand. Some brands do not have the device that you want. So, you want to find it somewhere else.

The home automation software is the backbone of your home automation system. It must be able to connect these devices with different brands into a single, working system.

There are some home automation software that doesn’t fit to some devices. Luckily, some manufacturers of home automation software partners with makers of smart devices. This is so that these parties could make their products compatible. This also helps their customers to avoid getting hassle.

Some manufacturers agree on one system. For example, a lot of smart devices operate on the Z-Wave. So, home automation software makers make sure that their product supports Z-Wave devices. And that works the other way around too.

Your Home Automation Software Must Be Upgradable

Just look at the rate of which technology evolves nowadays. Every now and then there is something new in the market. So, you should also consider the adaptability of a home automation software.

How do you know that your home automation software is adaptable? Look for earlier versions of the software. See how much it improved.

Why should you upgrade home automation software in a regular basis? As what have been said before, technology evolves fast nowadays. New products are coming out in the scene with better features. Your system should be able to hold these products. Your home automation software must be able to expand when it is needed.

Cyber security is also a concern on why you should upgrade. Malware is ever improving. The recent years saw it developed into a desktop-victimizing machine into a smartphone-predator. Faster and stronger malware programs are being developed every minute. So, your home automation software must regularly update its cyber security features.

Your Home Automation Software Must Be User-friendly

It shouldn’t matter whether you are the tech-savvy type or the average tech-lover. Your home automation software must be able to cater to both types.

Not all of us are like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs when it comes to tech stuff. Yet, we all deserve to get great experience in using technology. Thus, you should consider how user-friendly your home automation software is. Make sure it is easy to use and designed to be used by actual humans.

Some home automation software providers even assist their customers in installing the system. Well, technology is still best operated by tech-savvy guys. So make sure your software provider can share technical knowledge about their product.

Your Home Automation Software Must Be Secured

Security is another grave concern in choosing a home automation software. A weak smart home security could instantly turn your system into a cyber threat fortress. Devices sold in automation stores are commonly wireless. Wireless smart homes systems are vulnerable to threats.

Unlike wire-connected devices, wireless signals can be easily detected. Thus, they could be hacked even when the hacker doesn’t step foot into your house.

Some reported cases shows that hackers could hack your security camera. One method involve scanning your IP address. Once hacked, they could use your own cameras to spy on you and threaten your privacy.

Security in home automation software doesn’t always involve cyber attacks. Sometimes it also involves physical attacks to your property or even life. That home automation software will be the life of your home.

You must know how well it can protect you from burglars. You must also discern how capable it is in holding back those who want to breach your home without your consent.

Your Home Automation Software Must Be Tested

What else is a better tester of quality than time?

Before making any abrupt decisions, make sure to hear what other had said about products. There are a lot of reliable reviews available on the internet nowadays.

Look for home automation software that have the best reviews you could find. Most ratings involve stars being given. Look for home automation systems that have a 4-5 stars ratings. You could find these reviews in an online automation store. These online stores are rich in insightful reviews on smart home systems.

You are short budget-wise? You could also find the cheapest, yet quality software in these places.

You will also be surprise to find a whole community of people with smart homes in these online stores. You could talk to them about your needs. They may also share you their own experiences with their smart home systems.

Here, at Vera, we could share you our technical knowledge on home automation. We help you find the right home automation software. And we could even give you a hand installing it! Give a call today at +1 (866) 966-2272 or send us your thoughts at


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