Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation is now possible, thanks to advancements in technology. And this advancement is not just within the hardware. There is also a significant development on the software level.


Smart Home Technology

So, phones aren’t the only smart things nowadays. Smart homes of the future are now becoming a phenomenon. And this is because people found benefits in them that are named below.

Vera Home Automation Makes Living Convenient

Convenience is one of the primary purposes of availing home automation for houses. This is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind when you heard about home automation.

Home automation makes life convenient for the resident. The sprinklers will turn on when it’s time to water the lawn. You want the lights to automatically turn on when you are walking down the hallway. You want the heater to automatically heat up when it is cold. You want the air conditioning to cool your place down when it’s too hot outside.

You could have all of these done with a blink of an eye with home automation. And you could command your appliances to do these tasks in a lot of ways.

You could program the appliance to do a certain task even without your direct command. For example, motion sensors could detect your movement by the doorway. It will then send messages to the smart heater to heat up your room. This is so you could come to a room that is already heated up. This saves you time as you no longer need to wait for a while to make the room heated up.

Another way to command your appliances to do tasks is by voice. This is possible with a voice-commanded virtual assistant. One of the most famous virtual assistants nowadays is Amazon Alexa.

You could also have home automation by remote control or your own smartphone. Using your smartphone is one of the most convenient ways to control things around the house. You could watch how hot the heater it or how cold the air conditioning is with an application.

With such technology, you could track how things are going on even if you are miles away from your house. Thanks to the internet and convenient smart homes of the future are possible.

Home Automation Steps up Security

One of the perks of having home automation is security. If you have home automation, consider your security stepped up. Unlike manual keys, keypads cannot be stolen. With the smart keypad, only you can arm and disarm security to keep the burglars away.

Motion sensors can also detect unrecognized movements and trigger home automation security. This could be matched with sirens that could deliver noise as loud as 106 dB. This noise is enough to wake you up in your sleep or alert the neighbors.

Well, burglars are not the only threats to your property. Fire is also a major cause of loss of property. Between 2011 and 2015, there are is an average of 358,500 residential fires being responded to per year. These residential fires cost $6.7 billion indirect damage. These fires also cause 12,300 civilian injuries and 2,510 civilian deaths.

Home automation also allows you to install smart smoke detectors. These smoke detectors could detect smoke. Upon detection, they will sprinkle water to extinguish the fire before it gets big.

So you want to protect your property? Smart homes technology is the answer. Home automation will give you the security your things and even your own life deserves.

Home Automation Efficiently Uses Energy

Smart light bulbs are another wonder of home automation. They save enough energy to cut down your energy bills. They do so because normal light bulbs are usually left open, consuming energy even when not used. With smart light bulbs, you could turn them off easily with a controller.

But, there is another reason why smart light bulbs are wonders of home automation. The GoControl Z-Wave bulb, for example, uses only 0.6 to 4.8 watts at any given moment. This saves you a lot of energy. Compare this to an incandescent bulb which uses up to 60 watts of energy! Even the compact fluorescent lamp, for instance, uses up to 13 to 15 watts.

Smart light bulbs are not only the ones that do the energy-saving in home automation. Smart energy plugs can also help you save energy. You can turn these plugs off with a controller, so you won’t have to pay for the so-called vampire load. The vampire load is the power that appliances are still consuming while they are turned off.

So, smart lights and smart plugs help you cut down energy bills. And not just that. They also make a less environmental impact by using less energy. These energy-efficient devices have a special place in the smart homes of the future.

Home Automation Allows Personalization

We all have our individual preferences on how hot or cold our place should be. Some prefer warm, while some prefer lukewarm. Some prefer cool, while some prefer really cold. And you could adjust your smart appliances to the exact level of heat or cold that you want. This personalization is one of the perks of having smart homes technology.

Temperature is not the only thing that you could control with home automation. You could also adjust the brightness or dimness of smart light bulbs to the level that you want.

These are just some of the perks of having home automation. You could find out more of these benefits if you install smart devices now. We could help you with home automation. Call us now at +1 (866) 966-2272. You can also send us an email at

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