The Future of Home Automation Security

Cinema depicted home automation and security system as far back as 1977. The film called “Demon Seed” is one of the earliest movies to show what would have been known today as a smart home.

Home Security Systems

In a film, a computer program was shown controlling the lights as well as locks in doors and windows. It also manages the home’s alarm system. It also showed what seemed to be a smart doorbell, as well as an automated swimming pool cover.

The thought of smart homes is fascinating back in the 70s. The future of home automation is also a fascination among us today. How will home automation security advance within 10 years? Will it solve the issues we are currently facing today?

So, let us contemplate and make a little prediction of what the future of home automation will be.

The Rise of IoT in Home Automation and Security System

The Internet of Things or IoT is on the rise as more devices are getting more integrated to one another. It is expected that the Internet of Things will dominate the tech scene soon. And, eventually, IoT will make up the future of home automation security.

Smart devices are expected to replace the manual machines as common items in our homes. These manual machines include refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, air conditioners, and sprinklers.

In the future home automation security, they no longer have to be checked manually. All you had to do is get your smart home and view their status with an app. They could also be turned on and off via phone or voice or smart wearable devices such as smartwatches.

In this scenario, household appliances become more integrated to one another and centralized. They will eventually cut down the labor needed to operate them. This also means that they will bring convenience to our lives.

More Privacy Issues in Home Automation Security

As smart gadgets, home automation security devices collect data from us. This does not mean that someone is spying from us. Collecting data from a person lets devices improve user experience.

So, you prefer your air conditioning at number 3? Smart devices will take note of this. This is so that, when you open the air conditioning the next time, you’ll have it at number 3.

Security devices also collect data from you. You are probably familiar with face recognition and fingerprint access to smart devices. Some home automation and security system gadgets are already using these protocols.

Now, when these information leaks, your privacy is compromised. Anyone that could hack into your system could steal your data and use it by any means.

This calls for tighter protocols in home security systems. So, don’t settle for less when choosing home automation security. Always look for the best home security system.

More Security Issues in Home Automation Security

Aside from privacy, security is also a concern in home automation and security system. One of the goals of the smart home movement is to protect the residents from the elements.

One of the most prominent enemies of home security is burglary.

Without a security system, homes are 300% more likely to be broken into. Moreover, the police usually only solve 13% of reported burglaries. The small number is owed to the lack of strong evidence or witnesses.

Imagine if almost every home has a security system. That number might have been larger. Security cameras could have caught even a glimpse of an identifying trait of the burglar. Motion sensors could have trigger alarms to catch the attention of potential witnesses.

Property crime happens as much as we are disappointed about it. But, it could be prevented if we could equip ourselves with modern solutions to problems. Home security systems are best solutions out there to counter burglary.

Demand for Greener Home Automation Security

In 2018, CO2 emissions peaked. It’s a number never seen before in the planet’s history. We just made 37.1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide last year. This challenges us to take up greener home automation security.

The home automation movements brag about a much more controlled energy use. Smart light bulbs are made to cut down excesses in electricity use. Smart thermostats are also installed for us to get precise in measuring the home climate.

But, such simple solutions seemed insufficient in fighting climate change. This is because of the advanced stage of which climate change is already in.

Besides, the effort to reverse the environmental impacts of human populations are small. This is too small to make any significant effect.

This challenges homeowners to push further in making households greener. A challenge is also given to providers of home automation and security system. They need to make their services much more accessible to the public.

Artificial Intelligence in Home Automation and Security System

Two years ago, Google Assistant was released. This tells us that we are only a few steps further for wider use of artificial intelligence. This also means that AI will be common in home automation and security system soon.

AI will allow for a centralized system of home automation and security system. It will act by just a simple instruction from you. This will give homeowners a much better user experience. Just picture the AI or AI-like JARVIS in the movie Iron Man.

Do you want to take part in building the future? Do you want your own JARVIS installed in your home? We at Ezlo Innovation can help you get the best home security system if you could give us a call at +1 (866) 966-2272. Or email us your thoughts at [email protected].

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