How to Choose Wireless home surveillance systems?

According to research, an average person is recorded almost 300 times a day in surveillance systems; that is quite a few appearances. It makes you wonder how many surveillance cameras are out here; surveillance systems have become essential to our business and home. Read on to learn more about home surveillance systems.

Home Surveillance Systems

What are home surveillance systems?

A surveillance system is a closed-circuit system used to closely observe a group of people or a person using video cameras.

What are the advantages of Home surveillance systems cameras?

There are many reasons why many people prefer the wireless security system of late. Continue reading to learn about some benefits of installing a wireless surveillance system in your home.

1. The surveillance camera has no wires

The first benefit of installing your home with a wireless surveillance camera is that it has no wires; this type of Cctv camera uses less time when installing and is easy to use. You can also angle the camera in the way needed for Cctv protection.

2. They are more Flexible

The wireless surveillance cameras can be set up anywhere you want; with the traditional cameras, there are restrictions on the possible setup. The importance of this flexibility is that it enables you to hide the cameras easily.

3. It secures the footage

The third benefit is that the wireless security system ensures secured footage by connecting the data directly to the cloud; these wireless surveillance cameras use highly secured encryption methods to back up the digital data, protecting the data from hackers. This wireless surveillance camera can also work when there is a power outage.

4. They are easily accessible

The wireless surveillance camera can be put by you 20 miles away from the receiver, and it will still pick it up; the system’s signal can pass through walls, plastics, wood, and metal. You can be able to check the feeds from anywhere.

5. They are battery powered

The fifth benefit of the wireless Surveillance camera is battery-powered; the surveillance camera can run for several months without a recharge.

6. They do not wear and tear easily

Unlike the wired surveillance camera, where you have to be careful when covering its wires, the wireless security cameras do not have wires; therefore, they will not tear and wear.

7. They are easily installed

The last benefit of surveillance cameras is that they can be easily placed anywhere you choose, and you can easily pull the cameras out.

Disadvantages of the wireless home surveillance systems

No matter how good the surveillance cameras are, they can’t lack some drawbacks. Here are the cons of wireless surveillance cameras.

1. The hackers easily hack the surveillance cameras

If you can use the surveillance camera, that means someone good at the technical stuff can easily hack your system and be able to access your home.

2. They are not suitable for extensive-phrase surveillance

The second disadvantage is that the wireless surveillance camera cannot operate extensive-phrase surveillance because extensive surveillance can drain the battery energy quickly. Burglars can easily steal the wireless surveillance camera since they will not be wired anywhere

Factors to consider when buying a home wireless surveillance system

Below are some points to consider when purchasing a home wireless surveillance system.

1. Quick movement activation

The first factor to consider is that the surveillance system needs to operate quickly, which highly depends on your wifi signal’s speed and stability. An excellent surveillance camera will always jump-start when it senses any motion and promptly sends you an alert via your phone.

2. It should contain a high-quality video resolution

A good surveillance camera should have high-quality resolution power so that the recorded footage can have quality images.

3. The surveillance home camera should have a great night vision

The surveillance camera should have excellent night vision to capture what goes on throughout the night.

4. The surveillance should have enough video storage

The fourth fact to consider is the camera’s storage space, ensuring that it has enough storage space to store the recorded footage. You can also consider cameras with an SD slot.

5. The surveillance camera should have a smartphone app

The last factor to consider when buying a wireless surveillance camera is that it should have a smartphone app. Every security surveillance camera should have a smartphone app to quickly get the footage with your phone.


Use the above tips to help you buy a surveillance system for your home.


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