Smart home security products could be one of the most important components of your home. It will secure your most precious home from external threats such as burglars and trespassers. Some of its components may even be dedicated to internal threats such as fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thus, it is for the homeowners’ best interest to plan their home security systems carefully. There are essential features found in effective smart home security. These features mark strength and effectiveness in home security systems.

Smart Home Security

Here are features to look for in plans of smart home security:

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has seen great advancement in recent years. It is now used in many devices and applications such as in-camera filters. Smart home security with a facial recognition feature may be a mark of an advanced set of equipment.

A lot of home security cameras nowadays have facial recognition technology for focus adjustments and security purposes. Facial recognition is also often paired with motion detection in some units of smart home security.

Motion Detection

Motion detection has been an important part of smart home security. Motion sensors are employed in homes to detect unrecognized movements. Theses devices are even used to automate other smart devices such as smart lights and smart locks.

But, the motion detection feature is also found in other smart home security devices such as the security camera. Some units of security cameras have this feature to save storage space for footage. In this setup, the security camera will only start recording once it detects motion.

If you want to save storage space in your hardware or cloud storage service, you can avail of a unit with motion detection.

Alarm System

A smart home security system would not be complete without a working alarm system. Some security devices already have a built-in alarm system. Other units, though, had to be integrated with an alarm system to be able to alert you about any threats. Some smart home security alarm systems make use of smartphone applications so that the alert could effectively reach you.

DIY Setup

Smart home security systems with a do-it-yourself design are usually easy to install as they are intended to be so. DIY security systems are ideal for homeowners who want to customize or personalize their smart homes. No two homes are the same, so DIY smart home security systems allow homeowners to have their home security perfectly fit with their homes and needs.


Your smart home security will be subjected to extreme conditions, especially for the outdoor wing. Outdoor smart home security devices such as outdoor cameras and motion sensors should be able to withstand intense weather, heat, sunlight, and other elements. These devices can also encounter animals that could damage it such as rats and birds. So, make sure that your smart home security devices should be durable enough to withstand such conditions.


What would a smart home security system be called when you cannot even control it? One of the features you should look for in a smart home security system is easy controlling. You should be able to change the settings of your smart home security devices with less effort.

A lot of smart homes nowadays can control smart devices with just a voice or a simple click. If your smart home security is easy to control, then it is much easier for you to respond when threats are detected or in any other situation.

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