What is a Smart Home Water Sensor?

A smart home water sensor is one of the wonders that home automation could give in your daily life. It is a simple solution to a common household problem: water leaks.

Smart Home Water Sensor

Water leakage occurs naturally. This can be the result of corrosion or intense pressure in water pipes. Leaks can go undetected for days as water pipes are usually hidden from plain sight for aesthetic purposes.

Home automation is already familiar with motion sensors and smoke detectors. They are used to detect movements and smoke respectively. The smart home water alarm sensor then detects leaks. Water sensors are a member of the family of sensors used in home automation.

Areas to Place a Smart Home Water Sensor

Water is a common substance that we use in our daily lives. It has a prominent role in our household. Some parts of our home are even solely dedicated to the usage of water in some way.

As we know, water is a fluid, so leakages happen naturally. Thus, it is important for us to secure parts of our home that prominently store and use water. Here is how:

Place a smart home water sensor near sinks. Sinks are one of the known parts of our home that get wet almost all the time. It is where we wash the dishes and do other sorts of things that involve using water.

Leaks in sink pipes can go undetected for days as they are usually hidden. That is why the area around the sink should also be secured with a smart home water leak sensor.

Place a smart home leak sensor near toilets. Toilets are another known place in homes where water is highly used. Leaks around toilets could be nasty. This must be fixed for hygienic purposes. For this reason, a smart home water sensor should also be placed near toilets.

Place a smart home water alarm sensor near refrigerators. The fridge is probably not one of those places that get too wet. But, the fridge contains ice. Melting ice could also cause leakage around the kitchen you worked hard to maintain it dry.

In addition, leaks around the fridge could cause electrocution. So, the area around the fridge is also a good spot to put a smart home water alarm sensor.

Place a smart home water sensor near water heaters. Water heaters are also common sources of water leakage in homes. Leaks from water heaters could be annoying when it affects the flow of water in the shower. Leaks in water heaters could also speed up the corrosion in pipes. That is why it is one of the areas around your home to put a smart home water alarm sensor.

Troubles That Could Be Prevented by a Smart Home Water Leak Sensor

The smart home water sensor could save you from getting annoyed by water leaks. It would play a huge role in keeping your home dry and clean.

But, it does more than just that as it could prevent more serious damages and losses usually made by leaks. When left unchecked, water leaks could cause serious damage to your property and life.

A smart home water leak sensor reduces the risks of electrocution. There are around a thousand deaths per year due to electrical injuries in the United States. Approximately 400 of these are a result of high-voltage electrical injuries.

Metallic minerals dissolved in plain water are excellent conductors of electricity. They are the primary reason why people get involved in water-related electrocution incidents. Household water in American homes contains elements that conduct electricity, including iron and copper. Water leaks could cause electrical injuries once they made contact with any live wire.

This is the reason why it is important to detect leaks immediately. Installing a smart home water sensor could reduce the risk of electrical injuries at home.

A smart home water leak sensor reduces the risks of water damage. Letting water leak in disrepair could cause further damage to your pipes. Water leaks are also known to damage concrete and wooden parts in homes. That is why early detection of these leaks is important.

The smart home water sensor keeps water bills low. Needless to say, detection and repair of leaks could have a positive effect on water bills. That one leak could have been costing you a lot for months prior to repair.

Detecting leaks has never been this easy thanks to home automation. Are interested in having your own water leak alarm system at home? Experts here, at Ezlo Innovation, are more than willing to share their knowledge about anything about home automation. Call us now at +1 (866) 966-2272 or email us at [email protected].


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