Overview of Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems offer a level of flexibility that wired ones do not have. They are a step up and advancement from wired home security systems.

Wireless Home Security Systems

With the development of wireless protocols, wireless home security systems are flourishing. They are gaining popularity in the home automation movement. A wireless home security system is the best home security system today. About why it is so, here is an overview of it:

Wired Versus Wireless Home Security Systems

There is one reason why the best home security system is a wireless home security system. That is the level of flexibility. Wiring in wired security systems is usually limited in length. Thus, there are only certain places where you could put them.

In wireless home security systems, though, you do not need to worry about wires. Wireless devices are battery-powered. So, you could install them anywhere you could want.

One disadvantage of wireless home security systems to wired ones is the power source. In wireless systems, you have to check out the battery in the devices once in a while and change them when needed. In wired systems, though, there is a constant flow of energy to the devices.

Devices Used in Wireless Home Security Systems

Wired and wireless home security systems have the same set of devices. The only difference is that wireless systems cut down the need for wiring.

These devices collaborate to make up what we call a home security system. These devices also differ in function. Yet all have an indispensable part in wireless home security systems. Here are the essential devices of wireless home security systems:

1. Home cameras. Home cameras have been an important part of automated security ever since its conception. They have been employed in many security setups, including homes. They are still irreplaceable parts of home security systems. This is because of their irreplaceable function, recording happenings around its sight.

Moreover, wireless home cameras are battery-powered. Thus, they could be installed anywhere homeowners want it toward.

2. Motion sensorsMotion sensors are another important device found in wireless home security systems. Like the home cameras discussed above, there are motion sensor models that do not need wires to operate. They are also battery-powered.

Cameras may have limitations in capturing objects that are in dark places or blind spots. But, wireless motion sensors can detect them regardless of the lighting. It also has a little blind spot once the object is close to it.

3. SirensSirens are one of the devices that activates wireless home security systems. Security cameras and motion sensors can only detect intruders. But, sirens respond to these intrusions by alerting you about them.

Some sirens can deliver sound as loud as 106dB. This is enough strength to scare off an intruder or alert your neighbors about it. This will allow you and them to respond to difficult situations.

4. Door Locks. Door locks are another active component of wireless home security systems. Door locks can lock out or lock in any intruder as a security protocol. This will block the intruder from doing further actions. It could do so once other integrated devices detect unauthorized entry.

A lot of smart door locks nowadays are wireless. They are battery powered and could be controlled even by a smartphone.

Protocols in Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems also use a variety of protocols, which enable communication between devices. Without them, wireless home security systems will not be systems after all.

It is important that a wireless home security system has one wireless protocol. This is so that devices could be connected more easily. Although, some models of devices to allow communication between the two protocol types.

Here are some of the main protocols used by wireless devices nowadays:

1. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is one of the most recognized wireless protocols today. They are used mainly in distributing Internet connectivity. They are also used as a wireless protocol for smart devices. This is especially true for devices that report to homeowners via the Internet.
2. Bluetooth. Bluetooth is also another familiar wireless protocol. It has been familiar to people even before the popularization of smartphones. Bluetooth is also a known protocol for wireless devices. It is still widely used in wireless home security systems.
3. Z-Wave and ZigBee. Z-Wave and ZigBee are also one of the most widely used protocols in wireless home automation. These systems make effective media of communication for wireless devices. These protocols can connect devices even when they are too far away in a large house.

Ezlo Innovation also offers wireless home automation systems for more flexible smart homes. If you want to have your very own wireless smart home, call us at +1 (866) 966-2272 or email us at [email protected].

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