Different Options for Solar Pool Lights

Solar Pool Lights

If you happen to own a pool, it’s probably your pride and joy. Building a pool at home is an elaborate endeavor, with all the spending and effort it entails.

Adding a pool to your home also adds additional pizzazz to the outdoor landscape, as pools are often linked to luxury and affluence. But when the sun goes down, the pool is stripped off its decorative attributes down to being another fixture on your yard.

Have you considered using solar lights? There are many options for floating solar lights out there and you have a myriad of possibilities on how you want to transform your pool. These floating solar lights often come in big spheres, some are opaque while others are fancier with beaming lights protected by a transparent cover.

Aside from these floating solar lights either staying put as a corner of your pool or floating around in a gliding motion, these solar lights are clever ways to spruce up your pool and will bring about a different feel to the yard at nighttime. We at eZlo would like to share with you options for lighting up the swimming pool.

Types of Solar Pool Lights

It may be that when in the market for floating solar lights, you are thinking of the round-shaped ones that were mentioned earlier. Actually, there are a lot of floating pool lights options out there.

And when we say options, we are not only talking about the shape. Various choices for floating solar lights are up for grabs for you, and they have specific functions, most of which are for aesthetics.

The Common Round Ones

Floating solar lights that come on globe-light structures are probably the easiest to find, and the easiest to use too. Many of these solar lights can be attached to stay put at the corner of your pool, or be let loose so that when people swim and create waves, the floating solar lights glide away, cutting through the night’s dim atmosphere. These solar ground lights often come in changeable colors, and can be controlled through a remote.

Floral-Shaped Lights

Smaller yet more ornate, floral versions of solar pool lights are more for solemn by-the-pool celebrations. Your family may be hosting a private dinner with close friends and colleagues, and you can prop these floating solar lights to give the pool a magical touch. Fire up the tiki torches and play some acoustic guitar, and you’ve got a resort feel in your backyard. These floating solar lights sure know how to bring a certain mood.

Underwater Lighting

Some floating solar lights can beam a strong light to illuminate the bottom of the pool. These solar pool lights can be used for common or above-ground pools, and are used as more for safety reasons. It’s fun to try your best to touch the pool floor, and now you can do it in the evening. Employing these solar ground lights will also allow you to clean the pool at night.

Underwater Light Show

An even fancier option are these floating solar lights that can shower the pool waters with an underwater light show. These floating solar lights can be programmed to do a specific display pattern, and the playful LED lights can be used for more rapturous backyard events like birthdays.

Yes, They are Solar Lights

While these floating solar lights can operate with the use of batteries, what’s nice about your solar pool lights is that they charge in the day for the energy they use at night. With the significant movement nowadays of homes going solar, using these floating solar lights lets you spruce up your pool without having to sacrifice a lot on your electricity bills. Most solar lights take up all the energy they can in the morning for use all throughout the evening. Solar pool smart lights can stay lit for up to 10 hours, so that an assurance of all-night decorative brightness.

Want More Pool Lighting ideas?

While floating solar lights are surefire ways to make your pool well-adorned, there are other ways for you to decorate the pool area using lighting. We at Ezlo would like to offer you further options on how to light up your outdoors, not only through energy-saving means like solar pool lights, but also with smart lighting ideas that will make your home an even better place to live at. Check out our catalogue right here for more lighting ideas from us.

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