Swimming Pool Lights

Various Swimming Pool Lights and How To Use Them

Swimming Pool Lights

In a perfect world, every home would have a swimming pool. The calming waters is just what anyone needs to soothe worries away, or to opt for a series of laps for a viable exercise routine. You may choose the pool area for a simple get-together with friends, perhaps an afternoon pool party to share some quality time. It would be nice to have the pool’s full functions at night, and this is possible through swimming pool lights. While putting up strong flood lights or a string of light bulbs are enough to illuminate the area, the best pool lights are still ones created particularly for the pool’s conditions.. The best pool lights will not just light up the atmosphere, but encourage a certain mood, particularly for festivities. We at Ezlo would like to widen your scope of what are different swimming pool smart lights options out there, and how these pool light fixtures differ with each other. With this knowledge at hand, you can find the best pool lights to utilize the pool more. It would be optimum for you to put in a little more spending for the best pool lights options, but it’ll be worth it. Installing pool light fixtures will add more luxury into your home.

For Function

Though dipping in the pool is a leisurely activity, accidents could happen without proper logistical assistance. The slippery surfaces within the pool are areas of concern, that is why correct pool light fixtures are optimum to put attention to these areas. There are different types of swimming pool lights used in highlighting specific areas of the pool area.

Choosing the best pools lights entails you to discern the scope of the pool area, what type of pool light fixtures are necessary, and knowledge on how to install these swimming pool lights. You also have additional options of choosing which light bulbs to use for your swimming pool smart lights: incandescent, LED, or halogen. Depending on the size of your pool and/or the voltage available, the best pool lights will work if properly aligned to what the pool needs. These pool light fixtures may be hooked up with Alexa or Google Assistant to enable smarter means of control. Take a look at these options as a start in choosing the best pool lights:

Underwater Pool Lights

These swimming pool lights illuminate down to the pool floor. These are the best pool lights to install in any pool you wish to use in the evening. The pool light fixtures either come surface or flush-mounted. The latter may be a bit more expensive, but it helps in turning these swimming pool smart lights into less of an obstruction.

Pool Garden Lights

Don’t let the name fool you. These swimming pool lights are used to highlight the pool’s perimeter. These pool light fixtures help identify where the pool starts and ends, so that those walking beside will be given a signal. These are the best pool lights to use if you plan to use the pool area for gatherings.

For Aesthetic

Bright colors, flashing beams, colorful patterns: these swimming pool lights bring more of the party vibe. The best pool lights to use for celebrations or simply for decoration range from soft lighting tones to vibrant hues. These pool light fixtures can also be placed on fountains, aquariums, and indoor streams, or simply as general light fixtures.

Feature Lights

These swimming pool lights highlight specific areas of the pool, like perhaps the jacuzzi area or gutter corners. These pool light fixtures also contribute to safety like underwater swimming pool smart lights. Since these pool light fixtures come often in smaller sizes, they are placed besides pool steps or ladders, to assist others at night. These examples of the best pool lights to employ can also come in various colors to decorate the pool as well.

Floating Lights

These swimming pool lights are placed on the pool surface. Some are attached to the side while others are let free to flow as the pool’s currents go. There are also floral versions of these pool light fixtures that have a more aesthetic appeal. While big spheres act as accents to lively parties like kids’ birthday celebrations, floral pool light fixtures seem to be more appropriate for more solemn occasions, perhaps an anniversary dinner or for engagement parties.

Ezlo is Here to Help

The best pool lights are out there for your grabbing. We at Ezlo are very much willing to assist you in your swimming pool lights needs, alongside getting to know more about home automation and which gadgets to help you in making your home “smarter”. To give you a start on the best pool lights that may also be used smart pool light fixtures, check out our catalogue here. We hope we can help you in looking for the best pool lights.

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