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Top Smart Home Devices

Top Smart Home Devices in 2022

While home automation may be expensive and time-consuming, it is worth the investment. Smart home devices make life easier, safer and they improve the overall quality of life. Smart-Technology is rapidly evolving, with new improvements revolutionizing how we operate home appliances. 


Top smart home devices are ranked based on two aspects. First, how easy is it to install, and how simple is it to operate. The operation depends on response speeds, user-friendliness, and overall utility value. With this in mind, we have developed a list of home automation devices that guarantee you value for money. If you want to automate your home in 2022, here are some top-tier home devices you must have.

Best Smart Home Devices in 2022

The concept of home automation accounts for more than just increased comfort. It combines a variety of high-tech equipment working seamlessly to improve efficiency and convenience. That said, here are some of the highly-rated home devices in 2022. 

Top Smart Home DevicesDIY Home Security System

Price is a huge influencing factor when installing home security systems. Over 70% of homeowners don’t have security systems because they think it is expensive and tedious to operate and monitor. 

Fortunately, there are several cheap, modern, and fully functional home security systems on the market today. With as little as $300, you can purchase an eight-piece security kit with a built-in WiFi, cellular backup, backup internet, and decent storage. 

It is a plug-and-play system that is easy to install and operate. A DIY security system is a bargain considering all the add-ons and smarts you get, and it provides a solid base for preventing break-ins. 

Video Doorbell

One of the new technologies causing a buzz in the smart home market is the video doorbell. This nifty piece of equipment has two-way audio, an integrated siren, and motion detection. You also have an arm/disarm function that allows you to control the door remotely through your phone. 

This video doorbell functions like your outdoor camera with a tamper-proof core and several motion zones. Depending on the brand you choose, you may have the option of cloud storage for security footage at a small fee. Although it may retail at over $100, it still offers value for money and is a purchase that you will not regret. 

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs provide the ultimate value in terms of convenience and effectiveness. They not only save tons of space, but they are also easy to use and offer plenty of detailed scheduling options. Smart plugs connect to Google assistance via your home WiFi network and are compatible with voice control technology. 

Smart plugs come in different varieties. Some have a USB port, energy consumption data, and home-kit compatibility. This equipment can control other devices, like smart switches and any other devices connected to your home network. A smart plug can be purchased separately and is a decent addition to your smart home ecosystem. 

Smart Speakers 

Smart speakers have already become a tremendous hit in households with millennials. Aside from the obvious advantage of a powerful sound range, this equipment can integrate into most devices, including light bulbs and smart locks. The voice assistance in many modern speakers has become highly responsive and is more conversational. 

Smart Speakers

This system also has voice recognition. Every member of the family can be recognized and responded to accordingly. For example, if you and your wife ask about your calenders, the Google/Alexa voice assist will identify the different voices and give appropriate answers. 

Smart speakers are a very nifty piece of technology and are now on a list of the best-selling devices in the U.S.

Smart Smoke/Carbon monoxide/Water leak detectors

Disaster management is a big part of the home automation process. You want your home to be cozy but safe. Safety doesn’t just mean installing a top-tier security system. There are several threats you need to identify. These detectors help prevent disasters. Smart plumbing, for example, cuts off the water supply immediately after a leak is detected.

A smart smoke detector not only sets off the sprinklers but also alerts you and emergency response in real-time. You are also looking at a system that monitors carbon monoxide levels and alerts you when they get too high. 

Several other devices deserve to be on this list, but these are the most promising for their utility value. You can also look into vacuum cleaners, thermostats, and washing machines. 

Bottom Line

Automating your home requires patience and proper planning. Issues such as brand compatibility may make this process a bit more complicated. Although it is a gradual process, one thing is for sure-automation technology is a worthy investment. 


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