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Total Home Solutions

Simple total home solutions to keep your home secure

Did you know there are ways to secure a home without installing expensive security systems or installing an alarm? Your family and home security should be your priority. This article shall discuss some total home solutions to secure your home.

Total Home Solutions

1. You can use smart lighting

Smart lighting is used in various ways to secure your home; these ways are;

  • Make an illusion you are home when you are not- you can achieve this by buying led lights controlled remotely from a tablet or computer. These LED lights can be used when you are at work or out of town and can be programmed to change on schedule, throwing the thieves off as long as they do not notice no one has entered the house yet. You can also opt for an outdoor sensing light that automatically turns the light at night.
  • Purchase motion-activated floodlights for your compound- this floodlight puts anyone snooping around in the spotlight, and this might keep the intruders away. You can also install motion-activated lights inside your house to keep the thieves away.


2. Buy a dog for security

The second method to keep buglers away from home is to get a dog for security. Any breed of dog can virtually chase the thieves. There are other options for people allergic to dogs, and they can purchase a motivation-activated electronic watchdog that impersonates a dog barking noise.

3. Insert ramrods beneath the doorknobs

Another excellent method you can use to keep the hooligan away from your home is placing jam-long rods between your doorknob and the floor, and this will put a stop to the intruders who are attempting to enter your residence. The great thing about the long jam rods is that you can make them yourself at home if you are under a tight budget, or if you don’t have time, you can purchase them. It is also essential to state that you should not do this at the door you use to enter your house to don’t lock yourself out.

4. Place a post-security system signage

The fourth method you can use to keep your property secure is to put a security system signage in your yard; it doesn’t mean the burglars know because you do not own one. You can use decals, plaques, and yard signs to alert the burglars; there is a security system on the premises.

5. Always ensure you lock and secure your windows and doors.

Last and not least, the fifth method you incorporate to secure your home is always to ensure you lock your windows and doors before you leave the house. A report states that 40% of the break-in occurs without force. If you have sliding glass doors, latch the windows tight and insert a strong rod on the backtrack of the sliding glass doors.

6. You can vacate your car in the driveway

Leaving your car in a driveway may sound like a bad idea because it may be a target for vandalism, but it can work to keep the thieves out of the house if you have traveled; the thieves may think you are at home if you leave the car in the driveway.

7. Always keep your spare keys in a lockbox

The seventh top home solution is to keep your spare key in a lockbox and not under the matt as most people do. That is the first place the Bulgars check when they want to break into your house.

8. Always lockdown your Wi-Fi Network

Locking down your wifi network is another great way to secure your home. Hackers could use your wireless network to get your financial and personal information and give the criminals direct access to your home if the wifi is connected to smart home gadgets. To ensure your wifi stays secure, do the following;

  • Use a firewall
  • Create strong passwords
  • Secure your wireless router
  • Enable WPA encryption
  • Rename and hide your home network
  • Update your firmware


9. Let someone pick up your mail

When you have an overflowing mailbox, that is a clear sign that you are not around, and the burglars may notice, so always inform a friend or a neighbor to pick up your mail.

10. Get rid of space where someone can hide

The last method eliminates areas where someone can easily hide in your compounds, such as trees and shrubs.


Try these home solutions to secure you and your property.

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