Use a MeshBot as a Trigger in an EZLogic

In this guide, you will learn how to use a MeshBot to trigger another EZLogic MeshBot rule. You can set up rules using various variables to control lights or appliances throughout your house.

For example, you can set a global reference rule for a specific time of day. The good thing is that you don’t have to change everything.

Choosing our reference trigger, “Before sunset 40 minutes”, we click edit if we want to set a different time.

Specify the date and time, select “special time of day,” give it a name, and save.

You can create a new rule by selecting “Create new MeshBot.”

Go to “Create Local” and give it a name; in our example, we named it “Schedule Lounge Lamps On.”

Go to “Add trigger,” and in the dropdown, select “MeshBot.”

Select the reference trigger, for example, “Before sunset 40 minutes.”

Next, on the dropdown, you will find various states such as “failed,” “partially finished,” “finished,” and other states.

In our example, we select “Finished.”

On the “Action” field, select device, either lamp, switch, or dimmer, and you can add rows of multiple devices.

You can have multiple rules using the same trigger.

If you want to change the time, you edit the main rule.

When through, you then save.

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