Use Devices in Triggers in an EZLogic MeshBot

This guide will take you through how to use devices in triggers in an EZLogic MeshBot room.

First, find out the kind of device you want to trigger, like, in our case, a motion sensor.

Click “Add trigger,” select the device note, and on the dropdown, select one of your devices (in our case, a kitchen motion sensor).

Motion Sensor

On the capabilities dropdown menu, you get several actions, and you can select what you want the sensor to do, for example:

“Whenever kitchen motion sensor is armed and detects motion.”

“Whenever kitchen motion sensor is armed and stops detecting motion.”

“Whenever the kitchen motion sensor detects motion whether armed or disarmed,” etc.

In the Vera app, the security devices like the motion sensor have the arm and disarm button, and the trigger only works whenever it is armed.

Front Door

If your device to trigger is a front door, the capabilities dropdown menu changes.

You can select, for example, “Whenever front door is armed and opened,” “Whenever front door is opened whether it is armed or disarmed,” or “Whenever front door is armed and closed.”

Water Leak Sensor

The device action parameters change to suit the capabilities of the water leak sensor, including

“Whenever water leak sensor detects flood, whether armed or disarmed.”

“Whenever water leak sensor stops detecting flood, whether armed or disarmed.”

“Whenever water leak sensor is armed and stops detecting flood.”

“Whenever water leak sensor is armed and detects flood.”

Outdoor Temperature

On the dropdown menu, you can select any of the following action capabilities:

“temperature goes above,” and put a value in degrees

“temperature goes below,” and put a value in degrees

Fireplace Switch Clock

When you choose “whenever switch state changed,” you get options to select on or off.

The capability options also change, and you can select your preferred action. For example, you can monitor power and energy usage by selecting any of the following parameters:

“whenever power goes above.”

“whenever power goes below.”

“whenever energy goes above.”

“whenever energy goes below.”

The above are examples of various devices and capabilities that trigger an action. Remember each device type has different sets of capabilities.

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