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Why You Should Include Outdoor Sconce Lights at Home

If we ask you if you have outdoor sconce lights installed in your home, the most probable answer would be no. Sconce lights are not that common nowadays; not many would even know what a sconce light is. They are wall lighting fixtures that illuminate a general area, often beaming a light upwards and downwards. While sconce lights are more common indoors than outdoors, we at Ezlo understand how flexible these fixtures can be. Using these outdoor wall lights should be a viable option for anyone who would like to beautify their outdoors more. These outside lights, when mediated with the proper function and location, can strike a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. Take a look at how you can use these outside lights; we invite you to take a walk on the wild side, and turn these indoor illuminators into outside wall lights. Let’s discuss the wonders of outdoor sconce lights.

Why to Use Outdoor Sconce Lights?

As mentioned, the foremost advantage of these outdoor wall lights is their instant aesthetic appeal. Any outside light that beams both upward and downward is already fancy on its own. Putting these outdoor wall lights basically on any wall beautifies it almost instantly. Also, these outside lights do not take up a lot of electricity. Since these outside lights are more for ambient lighting, the light glow will not take up a lot of wattage. Compared to other outdoor wall lights like flood lights or string lights, since these outside lights are intended for a small space only, they won’t use a lot of energy. Some outdoor sconce lights are even easy to install. These outdoor wall lights may just be placed on the wall with some strong tape, and that’s it. That makes installation a lot quicker, and you can place your outside lights yourself.

Give Outdoor Walls a Boost

Your porch, deck, or lanai won’t be complete without some sprucing up, starting with outside lights. It would also be nice if your yard would be glowing from outside, as a dark home isn’t a good sight. Using outside lights to counteract this dark aura in the evening would be optimum, and you can start by using outdoor sconce lights. Putting up outdoor sconce lights in key areas of the patio or porch wall will emit a gentle glow. This is different from other outdoor wall lights that have a particular function. Installing flood lights as outdoor wall lights might be too bright for ambient lighting. Other other wall lights such as wall lanterns may have a better place at doors or gates. Using outdoor sconce lights for your porch or veranda allows you to maintain a certain ambient feel to the area at night. You may also place artwork or a family photo on top of outdoor sconce lights to get more out of the outdoor wall lights’ upward beam.


Best Outdoor Wall Lights

Gardens Shine at Night

For those who have a wide yard filled with garden plants, your outdoor sconce lights may also be of help. It’s common for homes to have decorative bushes at the garden walls. Place these outdoor wall lights on top of these buses to highlight them in the evening. Also, using outdoor lights on plants at night has additional value to plant health. Quaint lighting from outdoor sconce lights help in keeping these plants warm, which is beneficial for them to get rid of cold temperatures that can hinder plant development. These outside lights have more to offer than just decoration.


If you have towering trees, you may also place these outside wall lights below foliage. The shine on the trees’ leaves may bring sort of a magical forest feel to your garden. And as for walls that have creeping vines on them, these outdoor wall lights will just add to the decorative qualities of these plants. With some imagination, you can place your outdoor sconce lights anywhere in the garden, provided there’s a wall.

Safety First

While outdoor sconce lights are often used for aesthetics, you may also utilize these outside lights to heighten up safety at home. Turn these outdoor wall lights into motion sensor lighting and place them in areas where people often pass by, but may have difficulty during the night. Some evenings can be extra-darker compared to others. Place these outdoor wall lights at the post of the porch’s entrance stairs and they’ll illuminate to help someone going in. The side of your house leads to your backyard? Install a couple of these outside lights at the side walls and they’ll light up as one passes by. Turning these outdoor wall lights into motion sensor lights is a good option for homes with senior or differently-abled members. Compared to flood lights that beam a striking light, the ambient quality of these outside lights are just enough to guide someone who needs to take a few steps. With these ideas, your outdoor sconce lights just gained flexibility of use.

Considering Sconce Lights Now?

There are many ways for you to use your outdoor sconce lights to better your home. An area not discussed here is how to further turn these outdoor wall lights into other smart lighting options, and we at Ezlo can help you with that. You may check out these fabulous options for outside lights here, and check out our entire website for other ways for you to enjoy home automation.

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