VistaCam 1100 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera Overview

Vera takes your convenience seriously and provides tools that give you value. The VistaCam 1100 camera provides you with a valuable outdoor experience that suits your needs.

Overview of VistaCam 1100 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera

We take a look and explore the new features of this outdoor camera:

Two Lenses

The camera comes with daytime and nighttime lenses, optimized for their respective times. The nighttime lens gives you the best possible video at nighttime.

Light Sensor

The light sensor determines whether the camera uses the day or night lens and switches automatically.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor records videos or takes pictures whenever it senses motion.

Built-in Heater

During winter, when it’s snowing and freezing rain, the camera could get covered in ice. The built-in heater will take care of this and prevent ice-over.

Power Supply

It is a one-wire install which is easier to install by plugging in your network cable and having the rubber around it to seal it up.

You can run the cables along with the house and look for a slot through which the cable enters the house, for example, through the garage door.

When you bring in the cable, you only plug it into the power supply, and since it is located inside the house, it won’t be exposed to adverse weather and will last years and years.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

It is where the power supply has a network jack at the bottom, with the WiFi inside. It gives you better performance as it doesn’t have to go through the outside interference of electrical, heat, or water installations.

WPS Pairing

You have a WPS button in your camera and the Vera app, and by pushing both within 60 seconds, they can automatically take care of the pairing process. Once paired, you can name your camera and choose a room in the app.

With all these features coupled with easy installation, VistaCam 1100 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera is cool indeed.

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