Visualize your creations

Once your automations are up and running, how do you visualize their output and interact with them?

The answer is here

Your dashboard is the nerve center of your smart home, giving you a view into all connected devices, fast access to your most commonly used settings, and critical information about device status. Dashboards are easy to customize and offer an expansive marketplace of templates.


Powerful but not overpowering interface

The editor offers a vast selection of tiles, widgets and buttons which you can use to populate your board, each of which can be customized and linked to suit your most precise requirements. Each tile is interactive and pulls data directly from any application, service or device to provide real-time activity and status updates.

Set queries without writing queries

Use our point-and-click query builder to easily create meshbots without writing a single line of code.

Easily build a Meshbot in under 2 minutes

Click and build, no-code needed
Easy to use query builder interface to create MeshBots without writing a single line of code.
Flow and build
Drag-and-drop elements to visually create your MeshBots. Intuitive, guided, no-code MeshBot creation.
Build with code if you wish to
Want to write and use custom code? No problem! Our solution lets you easily inject code into MeshBots.
Meshbots 3

Connect, automate and visualize easily now.

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