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What is Smart Home?

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home technology has several applications. Aside from the perk of convenience, this technology is just as effective when setting up a home security system.

In principle, Smart technology involves connecting home appliances and gadgets with wireless connectivity. While this may seem simple, it is critical to understand that this system can create a vast network of interconnected devices. The main aim of this tech is to automate your home functions. Essentially, you can control your light switches, heating, and entertainment system from the comfort of your sofa.

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Technology banks on automation. A smart home, by definition, is a residence that uses internet connectivity to connect home devices. This home automation network provides you with an efficient way to remotely control devices and appliances in your home.

What is Smart Home?

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) merges the operation of appliances with the convenience of wireless technology. This tech allows customization of various functions and creates a unique system that controls everything from a central control panel.

The reason technology in residences is popular is that it facilitates remote operation. By linking your smart device to your home network, you can control every function in your home with no physical activity. Think of a scenario where you can lock and unlock your doors from your office or control your lights from a distance.

What You Need to Know About Smart Home Technology

Key Stats

Applications in security, home comfort, and convenience have elevated this technology to a billion-dollar industry in the last decade. In the United States, up to 50% of modern homes have one or more Smart-Devices. Statistics also show that this technology is cost-effective in saving time and energy.

The real estate market is also heavily invested in this technology, with up to 80% of new buyers opting for homes equipped with these devices. Smart-Lighting and voice activation are significant contributors to this technology, with millions of smart speakers and WiFi light bulb units sold annually.

Home security systems come equipped with smart locks and alarms. 60% of Homebuyers are looking for other safety features such as freeze, carbon monoxide, and fire detection technology.

How it Works

A home automation network uses your home WiFi system to connect all the smart devices in your home. In principle, this network consists of a central command center where you can easily access and control the system in its entirety. The idea is to save you the time and effort required to operate each device separately.

Home Automation

This network works through various communication protocols, like Bluetooth and WiFi.

You can manage and control different devices through an electronic interface using portable devices such as phones or iPads. Modern IoT systems have sensors and monitors either for security or comfort.

It is a system that allows you to pre-program commands and create an interconnected, convenient ecosystem. You can effectively control several devices in different locations from an app on your phone.

Perks of Home Automation

A smart home has plenty of benefits. Not only is it easy to set up, but it also has simple operating procedures. Once you install a home automation system, you can control everything simply by installing an app on your smart device. Some of the benefits of this technology include;

  • Smart-Lighting saves energy consumption by up to 50%. You can also install smart thermostats and automated heating to lower your utility bills.
  • This technology also gives you peace of mind. With a home security system, you can constantly monitor your property through your phone. Smart-alarms with motion and infrared cameras are effective systems to protect your home against burglary. These systems prevent the chance of a break-in by up to 60%
  • Smart-scheduling makes home operations very convenient. If you are on vacation and want to let the dog out or switch your porch light on, you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • This system allows you to customize according to your preferences. You can set all your equipment to function the way you want when you want. This feature beats hiring someone to do all this work for you.
  • This technology also facilitates full automation. You can establish an interconnected network of devices to work together without the need for physical intervention.


There is an unlimited number of IoT devices on the market that you can use to automate your home. It may be expensive to get a complete home automation system. However, you can purchase individual appliances and work your way up. This technology is effective, convenient, and safe.

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