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What is the Ezlo Guarantee?

And why we’re switching to a services-first model.




A few months ago, we asked ourselves a question. 

If people use their PC for work and their phones for social, how can we make Ezlo synonymous with technology for the home? 

The answer was to provide customers with more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. The reasons people are hesitant to invest in smart home technology are well known, but two of the biggest are that they’re worried products won’t work, or that the manufacturer won’t be with them for the long term.

These concerns have proven valid over the last several years. 

But our new Smart Home for Life program is a game changer—and addresses both of these concerns head on. Combining the industry’s longest warranty, a first-of-its-kind integration guarantee, and more, we’re putting our customers’ minds at ease while also providing them with the cutting-edge home control technology they need to make their homes safer and their lives easier.


The smart home for life guarantee

From today onward, the purchase of any Ezlo smart home hub will include three years of Anywhere Access so our customers can monitor and control their home from wherever life takes them. After the initial three year period, they’ll be able to maintain this service for just pennies per day.

On top of that we’re extending our warranty from one year to three years—making it the industry’s longest—and it’s extendable even further as long as users maintain their Anywhere Access. 


We’ve also established an unprecedented integration guarantee. Our platform is already compatible with an industry-leading number of devices, but now, if our users have a Z-Wave or Zigbee device that they’d like to see integrated with a compatible Ezlo Hub, all they have to do is ask. We’ll get it done within 90 days.*

Of course, a smart home is about more than just the hardware, and Ezlo’s platform is designed to be best-in-class from cloud to ground.

We offer live customer support 7 days per week, our cloud is kept up to date with the latest technology our users need to protect their privacy, and our patent-pending Ezlo VOI feature lets users integrate any device associated with Alexa or Google Home into our app.

This means that they can incorporate Alexa-controlled lights, Google controlled thermostats, and Ezlo controlled locks all in a single scene—or simply use Ezlo’s Vera app for day to day control rather than jumping between apps.


Over the next months and years, we’ll be adding valuable features to the Anywhere Access plan, such as energy consumption data to help you track usage and reduce costs, and air quality monitoring to ensure your home environment is safe. We’ll also be offering subscription-based services such as professionally monitored security, AI-powered camera intelligence, and more, to give you more ways to protect your home.

Why now?

The market is changing. Subscriptions for streaming services, apps, meal delivery, and more have become a part of everyday life—and recent studies have shown consumers are open to subscribing to IoT services, as well.

Stacey Higginbotham (Stacey on IoT) recently conducted a survey which found that 20% of respondents already have an IoT-related subscription service, and of those that don’t, 25% said they’re likely to get one by the end of 2021. 

The unique thing about what we’ve done is that we’ve included 3 years worth of subscription into the purchase price of the hardware, which then gives our customers a long window to understand the value that we’re delivering with this suite of services. 

Our ultimate goal is for smart home technology to be treated as a utility just like gas or electricity—something that is necessary, not something that is considered an add-on. Consumers expect a consistent experience from utilities, and our new model is designed to provide our users with a consistent, yet ever-improving experience over the life of their home.

Building today for tomorrow

Whether you’re a first-time home automation customer or a long-time technophile, Ezlo offers something for everyone. Our systems set up in minutes and offer step-by-step instructions to add other devices. If users want to keep it simple, they can.

For more advanced users, we offer granular control for scene creation and even open APIs if customers are interested in developing their own experiences on top of our platform.

We believe the future of smart home is one in which all devices work seamlessly together, and put the needs of the customer first. Everyone uses their system differently, and everyone cares about certain things more than others.

With our new Smart Home for Life program, we’ve created a model that gives people the peace of mind and support they need to invest in technology for their home, and the flexibility they need to create the system that’s best for them.

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