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Which Vera Controller Should You Choose?

Vera brand offers customers as many choices as possible. With three smart home controllers, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The controllers manage your devices, provide a security system, and facilitate your home access from anywhere. 

Considered the smart home’s brain, the controllers’ main benefit is their ability to allow you to communicate with your devices and facilitate local communication between a device and other devices. Even in downtime, the devices can work well without the internet.

So no more getting home to a dark reception when there is a power outage! Vera Smart Home Controllers connect you and give you control over an ever-dynamic range of home automation devices, including door and window locks, sensors, intelligent lights, thermostats, security cameras, and other IoT appliances.

So,  which Vera controller should you choose?  Let’s look at the individual features of the three popular controllers: 


As is a tradition of the Vera family, the VeraEdge comes with wireless Z Wave technology and a vast category of integrated devices to better your home. Its built-in wifi lets you control your devices, including lights, thermostats, door locks, sensors, cameras, and other appliances. It allows you to integrate several of your devices. 

For example, you can set the unlocking of the door to trigger the thermostat to generate your favorite home temperature. The VeraEdge can handle up to 50-75 devices and allows you to create custom scenes and determine the device that controls the rest of your home devices. It lets you choose between two protocols; the Z Wave Plus and wifi, or the integration of both devices.

As an always-on controller, it provides local control of your network in addition to operating through the cloud, allowing you to use the controller even if your Internet connection goes down. The Vera Edge also offers energy monitoring and management right out of the box, meaning you can immediately realize savings on your energy bills.

It’s the best choice for anyone starting in the smart home space or those looking to expand their existing setup and have a system ready to grow. It provides everything you need in your automation.


As your system grows, you may need to incorporate several devices from various brands and protocols. VeraPlus is turbo-charged to provide what you need. It is a beefed-up and fast processor for quick processing when you have many things to carry out. Its wifi protocols are upgraded to wifi AC (gigabyte wifi) to carry more data faster with no delays. 

VeraPlus supports more memory than its predecessor, which means it can support more devices and has enough room for expansion. It has four built-in communication protocols: Z-Wave Plus, wifi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth wireless protocols, bringing more room for devices from different brands. The added protocols mean more devices from different brands to integrate.


VeraSecure is the flagship controller taking up the compatibility of VeraPlus and VeraEdge but with additional protocols that make your home more secure. It represents the modern security panel. It comes with more memory to accommodate up to 200 devices. 

Its additional capabilities include more scenes and plugins, a built-in cellular backup to cover the lack of network, and an integrated backup battery to cover power outages.

The call button is beneficial when contacting the call center in an emergency. The VeraSecure has a built-in mic, speaker, and alarm siren. An essential added feature is the VeraLink protocol, which boosts the device’s compatibility, including additional security. VeraLink devices are beneficial as they are smaller, affordable, have a better range, and come with long battery life.

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