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Wireless Security Cameras

Make Your Home Safe Using Wireless Security Cameras

A security camera is a valuable tool for safeguarding what matters most in life. Whether installed for your house or business, it can assist prevent crime and provide direction if it does occur. The best wireless security cameras will let you know everything is fine when away from home.

Many advances in wireless security cameras are available to make you feel as safe as possible. These modern security cameras can send live footage to your smartphone.

Before selecting the most suitable wireless security cameras, you should know a few things. The term “wireless” refers to the mechanism of transmission. These security cameras send surveillance footage without using a cable.

What to Look For in Wireless Security Cameras

  • Night Vision Capability

A decent wireless security camera should be able to quickly shift between day and night configurations and pick up the same degree of information even in low light. Most gadgets employ LED lights, infrared, or a blend of the two for night vision.

  • Video Quality

At least a resolution of 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) is supported by all wireless security cameras, and some can record at 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

While 720p is generally clear enough to make out faces, greater resolutions often mean better quality film. It would be best to aim for the highest possible video resolution – at least Full-HD of 1080p – so that the images are sharper and easier to see.

  • Audio Recording Capability

Opt for wireless security cameras with a one-way audio recording to hear what’s happening in your house, whether a knock at the door or your dog barking while away.

Two-way audio is required if you want to speak with the people and pets inside your house, for example, to remind your children to do their schoolwork.

  • Motion Detection

When a wireless security camera detects motion with this capability, it will start recording. Some will send you an alert through your phone’s app or email. The power to create a schedule such that motion notifications are only activated when you anticipate being away from home is a valuable feature to consider.

  • Compatibility with Other Apps

Most wireless security camera applications are compatible with iOS and Android, but make sure it works with your version. It will be easy to live-stream or view recordings with a user-friendly interface.

The Most Recommended Wireless Security Cameras

Since smart home security is becoming more prevalent, many brands are now available on the market. Below is an analysis of the top 4 wireless security cameras currently available.

1. Wyze Cam V3

Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam V3 is an appealing little wireless security camera as capable as it is economical. It has a compact footprint and comes with its base, which can be magnetically connected or screwed into position, making installation fast and easy. It has an IP65 rating, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Multiple infrared lamps also enhance its night vision features. When it detects motion or specific sounds, the device can upload short 12-second samples into the cloud and send you an alert.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use, as it comes with a variety of power supply options. Rechargeable battery-powered, plug-in, and solar-powered models are available for this wireless security camera, giving customers a range of alternatives.

Solar-powered Models

The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar, on the other hand, will appeal to those who prefer to embrace renewable energy sources. It includes a solar panel and a backup battery.

3. Arlo Pro 3 With Floodlight

Arlo Pro 3 With Floodlight

Arlo’s floodlight camera does not require any wiring, unlike most floodlight cameras. It has a waterproof casing; sharp HD live streaming, dependable notifications, robust security camera features like arming and disarming, and a built-in siren and brilliant floodlight. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

4. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

This camera has attractive features, including two color options, a digital zoom, 1080p resolution, a 140-degree horizontal angle of vision, noise control speakers and microphone, motion detection with adjustable motion zones, and an integrated spotlight for night vision.

Final Remarks

Home security systems are among the most critical investments that will pay off in the long run. Gone are those days when we had to employ security guards to protect our homes while we were away or at night. From the comfort of your phone, you can monitor everything that happens around the compound with the help of these wireless security cameras.

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