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Z Wave Door Lock

The Best Z-Wave Door Lock Options

Picture forgetting to lock your door and having to go back home just to lock it. Or maybe you aren’t even sure you closed it and spend the day with an anxious idea that perhaps thieves have taken everything. Well, if that’s you, you might want to consider investing in a Z Wave door lock.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Z Wave door lock options available in the market today. They come with superior advantages over a regular door lock because not only are they secure, they offer versatile, convenient methods of allowing entry into your home.

Z Wave Door Lock

What can a Z Wave Door Lock Do?

Apart from remotely locking and unlocking your door, you can also check its status on your phone. If it’s opened, you’ll receive an alert notifying you. If you need the dog walker to come and walk your dog while away, you can assign the walker a virtual key with a preset schedule.

This allows them to come in at the allotted time (the Z-Wave door lock will notify you of their arrival) and do their job while you work. You can also set it to lock automatically when you leave, so you never have to worry.

But there are so many options today with a ton of different feature sets. Even though Z Wave is itself an option, other wireless protocols do exist, and they have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the Z-wave is currently the most common home automation protocol in the world.

And for good reason. It operates at a lower frequency than WiFi which means a Z Wave door lock functionality will not suffer from interference from other WiFi devices. A low frequency also means that it can penetrate walls better, which improves coverage. 

Another benefit is that it operates on a mesh network which means every connected device can act as a range extender. Finally, the Z Wave platform offers interoperability which means that you can shop around different Z-Wave door lock manufacturers without experiencing the compatibility drawbacks of fragmentation.

The 3 Best Z Wave Door Lock Options

1. August Smart Lock, 3rd Generation

Our number one pick is the August smart lock which retails for $127. It fits onto deadbolt locks and comes with a DoorSense sensor that can detect if the door is closed or open. 

August Smart Lock

The lock works with both Bluetooth and Z wave plus. The Bluetooth connectivity option allows you to use the August lock without a hub. You just need to be close enough, approximately 15 feet.

However, all Z Wave products require a hub to work through the protocol, but you can get any Z Wave certified hub because of Z Wave’s interoperability. August offers their August Connect Hub for $60. You can command the door lock with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant with the hub.

If you have a hub, you can connect the Z-Wave door lock to WiFi through the hub, giving you remote control from anywhere. August’s Z Wave door lock is also easy to install without the need to remove your door lock cylinder. At that price, it certainly deserves the top spot.

2. Schlage Connect Z Wave Door Lock (Model BE469ZP)

This Z Wave door lock is also easy to install and comes in various trims and finishes. It also has the notable feature of an integrated alarm which blares depending on the activity on the door.

Schlage Connect Z Wave Door Lock

Locking and unlocking elicit two beeps, while tampering and forced entry attempts will blare an alarm. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. As for home automation systems, it works with Samsung smart things, Ring, Nexia, and Wink.

This unit retails for $199 and also comes with a combination keyway-keypad.

3. Yale Assure SL Z Wave Door Lock (Model YRD256-ZW2-619)

Retailing at $222, the Yale lock comes with a key-free touch screen though it doesn’t have as many trims and finishes as other brands. It does have the unique option of coming without a keyhole which eliminates the chances of an intruder picking the lock.

The Yale Z-Wave door lock key-free version also comes with a slot for a 9V battery to prevent you from being locked out. It works with Alexa and has support for Samsung Smart Things, Wink and Ring.


Purchasing a Z wave door lock is one of the easier ways to start automating your home. It brings with it the relief that your home is secure wherever you are and the convenience of not having to carry keys while still controlling access to your home. What’s not to love?

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