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Z Wave Plus

The Ultimate Guide to Z Wave Plus Smart Home Technology

Z Wave Plus

Z Wave Plus is the latest product of the Z Wave wireless home control technology that comes with security devices and controllers. Z Wave Plus further enhances Z Wave products by leveraging proven Wireless IP technology and adding increased security, expanded communication capabilities, and controller/node support to the Z Wave protocol.

Comparing Standard Z Wave and Z Wave Plus Protocols

Z Wave Plus is primarily an upgraded protocol for Z Wave devices. The update offers several enhancements over the original version, including ease of installation, extended range, and better security.

The difference between Z Wave and Z Wave Plus is that the Plus model allows for faster transmission speeds. In addition, it is backward compatible with your existing Z Wave products, so there’s no need to upgrade your hardware immediately.

Like its predecessor, Z Wave Plus also supports 40 kbps, but with enhanced network security and lower power consumption than the original version.

Standard Z Wave devices communicate over a single channel in one direction, whereas Z Wave Plus can communicate over multiple channels in both directions.

However, both are compatible to control multiple devices through a single command despite the differences. Similarly, both operate on the same frequency of 908.42 MHz.

Can Z Wave Plus Be Used With Original Z Wave Products?

The reason for using only Z Wave Plus certified products is interoperability. If everything is Z Wave Plus certified, you can use them all together. If you have older Z Wave devices, they should still work with newer Z Wave Plus ones. The protocol has not changed, but only the chipset within each device.

Improvements on Z Wave Plus Protocol

The Z Wave Plus certification mark signifies to consumers that their devices are fully compatible with each other and can take advantage of the standard’s many benefits. 

Better wireless range

While the original Z Wave specification offered up to 100 feet of indoor range and 40 feet outdoors, Z Wave Plus increases this to 130 feet indoors and 98 feet outside. 

Increased battery life

With power consumption reduced by 50%, connected devices will offer extended battery life, thus guaranteeing increased reliability. 

Improved RF performance

The new standard provides more bandwidth when communicating between devices using RF signals. In addition, the improvement presents a better experience using smart home technologies such as voice control or scene activation. 

Aesthetic design

A new tamper-proof design ensures that a device equipped with Z wave Plus won’t stick out in appearance like a sore thumb in a consumer’s home.

Best Z Wave Plus Compatible devices

Smart Home Hub

At the heart of a smart home is the Z Wave Plus network, which provides a communication protocol for intelligent devices to connect to your network and sync up. Z Wave Plus devices connect to your router, allowing them to communicate wirelessly.

Entertainment Control

Z Wave Plus gives you the ability to control your entertainment system from one place.

Smart Door Bell

Smart Door Bell

The smart doorbell takes video of your front porch and alerts you when someone is at the door.

Door/window sensor

Z Wave Plus can control door locks, motion sensors, cameras, and more. It allows you to monitor and control what’s happening in your home remotely.

Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Automating the lighting system reduces energy usage around your home and the ability to control your lights remotely.



Installing a multi-sensor ensures you will not come home to an unlocked door or a dark house. It detects motion, temperature, humidity, light, and vibration in the room and communicates via Z Wave Plus so you can know what’s going on when you’re away.


You can use the smart dimmer to control the brightness of your lights. In addition, you can play with your sensors and set up scenes and routines that activate automatically.


Z Wave Plus thermostats will allow you to remotely control the temperature in your home and the ability to monitor your energy consumption.


A built-in siren can help deter burglars or intruders in the case of an emergency. It also has backup battery power if the power goes out – a feature that will keep your alarm system running for 24 hours.

Benefits of Using Z Wave Plus



You can incorporate Z Wave Plus devices into any installation running on the original standard. They will interoperate with other devices and offer a more advanced feature set. Thus, there is no need to replace your current installations.

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Z Wave Plus wireless collection helps you create a smart home that integrates. You can connect door locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and other devices to create personalized scenarios to control your home the way you like.

You can also achieve lighting control and energy efficiency using Z Wave Plus compatible smart devices.



Z Wave Plus wireless technology allows filter-free monitoring of your home. Z Wave Plus compatible energy, water, and humidity sensors check how efficiently your house runs and give you early alerts for any leaks or flooding.

Wrap Up

Z Wave Plus is the latest update to the Z Wave protocol. Z Wave Plus has added features and improvements, including increased range, extended battery life, and bandwidth. As a result, you can now use Z Wave Plus to control a broader range of devices, including thermostats, window coverings, and lights. In addition, Z Wave Plus-enabled devices are interoperable, meaning you can create complex automation procedures.

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