Introducing MeshBots

Automating tasks you’ve never
dreamed possible.

Who are these MeshBots and what, exactly, do they do?

MeshBots use what are known as ‘If-Then’ rules that turn commands into triggers and triggers into actions. You can create MeshBots to control your home automation devices, send notifications to multiple users and channels, integrate cloud services to transform your day-to-day workflows, and more.

(MeshBots can operate in the cloud or locally on edge devices.)

Automation MeshBot


Alfie is our Automation expert, connecting things, integrating them and then, making wondrous things happen automatically.
He starts by creating a “trigger,” which then, when given a “command,” initiates an “action” from another app, a service, or a device. This series of events is an automation, which is why Alfie is our Automation Meshbot. Alfie is very good at automations and has yet to find a use case that he can’t automate. Which is why we’re able to offer an Automation Guarantee.
Think you have a use case he can’t handle? Give him a try!

Notification MeshBots


Nellie is a bit of a chatterbox, which makes her ideal for the job of managing notifications. To her, nothing is more fun than talking about the latest happenings.
Because the notification framework for task integration and automation is just as important as the tasks themselves, Nellie’s job is quite important. She must keep track of the apps, devices, and services that Alfie automates, and then let the user know when and where Alfie’s triggers and actions are taking place. Which is when a love of talking about things can really come in handy!

Interaction MeshBot


Izzy’s job is to make sure that every interaction goes smoothly, even when it seems that he’s being called upon to build relationships between devices, apps and services that have little in common. No matter the challenge, however, he is always able to create the most amazing interactions.
Users can appreciate Izzy’s interactions when they can actually visualize them, i.e., when their garage door opens and living room lights come on as they arrive home in the evening. You might think this happens “all by itself,” but the truth is, there are some very talented MeshBots behind the scenes, making it happen!

Build your own MeshBot in under 2 minutes

Click and build, no-code needed
Easy to use query builder interface to create MeshBots without writing a single line of code.
Flow and build
Drag-and-drop elements to visually create your MeshBots. Intuitive, guided, no-code MeshBot creation.
Build with code if you wish to
Want to write and use custom code? No problem! Our solution lets you easily inject code into MeshBots.
Meshbots 3

Connect, automate and visualize easily now.

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